We care.  We give.  We share.

Welcome to the Ankoma Outreach family!

 Team AO support a small, rural village called Ankoma in Kwahu-East, Ghana. Our main focuses are to help develop Ankoma in terms of Healthcare, Education and Sanitation, whilst helping the people of Ankoma to become self-sufficient.

Craig and Asha Richardson first discovered Ankoma back in 2012, since then they've welcomed many volunteers to Ankoma to help run several projects. Projects spread throughout the village, helping babies in bumps right through to the elderly. The pair work directly with the village schools, the health clinic and the committee of village elders to ensure Ankoma's needs are always at the forefront of our projects.

Our team of volunteers grows daily - those visiting Ankoma, those fundraising to make projects possible, those spreading the Ankoma word far and wide! If you'd like to be involved - offering time, funds, skills or ideas - we would love to hear from you!