Our Charity - Fundraising

Here at Ankoma Outreach we are continually fundraising to help the village of Ankoma. We raise funds to  support Healthcare, Education and Sanitation Projects, alongside our community projects. If you are a keen fundraiser, want a new challenge or want to make a difference in some way, please get in touch about fundraising for Ankoma Outreach.

You could make a huge difference to Ankoma. We really believe pennies make pounds.

We are very proud that Ankoma Outreach runs solely by volunteers, no admin costs, meaning every penny donated is used to support the village directly.

Our Team

We have a small team who deal with the day to day running of Ankoma Outreach - the ones who reply to emails, keep our social media up-to-date,  run talks, ensure we have fundraising events planned, and who keep everything ticking. 

Our Volunteers 

We welcome volunteers to Ankoma from all walks of life, those who wish to give their time and skills to help others. If you'd like to find out more about volunteering in Ankoma please click the 'Volunteer in Ankoma' tab.

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