We work very closely with Ankoma CHPS, our local health clinic, who also cover the surrounding area.  The clinic runs it’s own Out Patient Department, along with ante-natal and post-natal care, a Children’s Welfare Outreach Clinic, as well as several community health programmes.  Ankoma Outreach supports the clinics through providing the Health Insurance cards for the most in need in Ankoma, regular donations of medication and equipment supplies, clinic renovations, and hosting of community health screenings.


It is very difficult for the community to maintain high levels of sanitation, so we feel it is necessary to contribute to ensuring they are the best they can be; by helping cover funds to install boreholes, emptying of the public toilet blocks, and most importantly, education. 


Working with children is a rewarding and satisfying experience, helping underprivileged children have access to education is at the forefront of our work.  Ankoma Outreach work very closely with the schools in Ankoma, of which there is two junior schools and two primary schools, with around 500 pupils combined, from 3 years up to 18 years old. 
Ankoma Outreach runs an Annual Summer School during the summer holidays which is open to all ages and normally attracts around 200 children.  Our Summer School relies fully on volunteers, it is an outlet to children who would normally spend their days helping in the house or working in the farm.  During the Summer School we usually offer children opportunities of school trips, school feedings and many fun activities, all of which is organized by our team of volunteers. 
During term time we also assist with schooling through school feeding programs, providing supplies, education sponsorship and school renovations.  In the past, our volunteers have ran teacher training schemes, extra-curricular classes, one-to-one sessions and set up many new methods and activities which are used in the schools.


Ankoma Outreach aim to work alongside the community of Ankoma, helping assist community development as a whole. We run projects to encourage community spirit and to to boost levels of morale.  We support those young and old, from feeding of the elderly to building community play parks for the kids.  We also host community entertainment, one being our annual Dance Competition, which is always a favoured night of the year, and one where Ankoma Outreach is really celebrated with the village as a whole.  Our latest community project is Ankoma Community Hub, one of our biggest projects to date.  ACH will consist of a Community Market, Community Stores and a Community Library.  This project will be available for use by all in Ankoma, with each school having access to the library on set days.  It will be a space for socialising, sharing and learning by the young, old and those in between.