Kit list - for you!

· Ghana guide book– get to know the country

· Photocopy of passport and insurance documents

· Bumbag

· Rucksack– for day to day use

· Toiletries

· Sunscreen

· Insect repellent/deet

· Water bottle

· Plastic containers– always come in handy!

· Diary/notebook

· First aid: paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-histamines, Imodium/laxatives, plasters, bandages, medical tape, after-bite cream/spray, hand sanitizer

· Anti-malarial drugs

· Sleeping bag/bed sheet

· Mosquito net

· Towel

· Sunglasses

· Cheap, durable mobile phone (sim cards available in Ghana)

· Camera

· Solar power pack

· Watch/clock

· Footwear: sandals, shower flip flops, sturdy trainers/shoes

· Swimwear

· Nightwear

· T-shirts/vests

· Shorts/skirts

· Long sleeved top

· Long sleeved trousers

· Waterproof jacket

· Fleece

· Working gloves

You may wish to fill your extra suitcase with things to use here in Ankoma.

 Now for the boring but important things...


Ensure you check with your bank that your card will work in Ghana and do not forget to contact your bank to inform them of the dates you are traveling. You cannot get Ghanian currency outside of the country, so you have a couple of options. You can either bring a card to use in an ATM, bring English pounds to exchange on arrival or use a money transfer, such as Western Union. You can check out the exchange rate online, although it varies from day to day.


You will apply for your Visa online at Ghana High Commisions website. The application form takes a while, please ensure you are accurate so this does not delay the process. If you need any assistance whilst completing the online Visa form please contact one of our team who will be happy to help you.

You are applying for an “Individual Visa Application” and should select “Tourist Visa”. You will be asked for a reference in your application, here are our references:

Name: Mumuni Rachman 
Phone number: +233243859598 
Address: Z20 Ankoma, PO Box 1, Kwahu-East, Ghana.

Name: Antwi Solomon
Phone number: +233242279771
Address: Ankoma Presbyterian KG/Primary School, Ankoma, PO Box 1, Kwahu-East, Ghana.