Our Volunteer House is situated on the outskirts if Ankoma, the accommodation is in a block-built house, only occupied by volunteers. Bed rooms have a maximum capacity of four volunteers, and we host up to 12 volunteers at any one time. If you are expecting luxury, think again, it is very basic but could be classed as luxury in comparison to most other houses in the village. Toilets are communal, along with the bathroom and kitchen.

The cost of the accommodation is £30 per week, and there is a minimum stay of 2 weeks. If you wish to stay long-term the accommodation price can be negotiated, negotiations can also be made for small group bookings. Accommodation costs must be paid at least 6 weeks before your arrival date.


Washing is done in a typical Ghanaian way, both bathing and washing clothes. Just like the other villagers in Ankoma you will have to wash with river water, and perhaps even fetch it for yourself if there is no rain! You will soon learn the best techniques for a “bucket bath”, or you can always pop down for a bath at the riverside! Please do not let this put you off, it is all part of the experience.


If you bring an unlocked mobile phone you will be able to buy a local sim card on your arrival which will make contacting home much cheaper and easier for you. There is an internet cafe in the local town which you will be able to use at a small charge.


Our programme is self-catering to allow volunteers to eat exactly what and when they want. There is a weekly market, along with two main shops in the village. There are various food sellers who prepare typical Ghanian dishes daily. There are cooking facilities at the volunteer house, cooking is done either on an open fire or on a charcoal pot. We also have a house cook, who is happy to prepare breakfast and evening meals at a small extra cost of £1 per meal. The cook prepares a mixture of local and continental dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Our cook takes weekly bookings on Sunday evenings, or if you arrive midweek she can cater for this, you can opt for this option on arrival.


Transport around Ghana is typically very cheap, especially if you chose to use public transport. Public transport and shared taxis are most common, you will expect to pay around £1.50-£2 for an hours taxi ride. Weather Ghana has a tropical climate, although temperatures do vary each season. The rainy season tends to occur between April and September. You can expect temperatures to be between 25 and 35 degrees, depending upon the date of your visit.

Free time.

Ghana is filled with culture, history and beautiful places to see, weekends away are easily organised, if this is something you wish to do during your stay. There are beautiful lakes and beaches, including Lake Volta and Lake Bostumtwe. Mole National Park is another popular tourist visit to see safari wildlife. Cape Coast is another popular trip to see some of Ghana’s history and culture. We would suggest you get a copy of “Ghana – Bradt Travel Guide”. There is also the option to travel and visit locals sites at weekends.

However, there is always something going on in Ankoma too!  Our Co-ordinators will often organise weekend projects; visits to local villages to do outreach work, community programmes or activities for the children to get involved with. Once you have settled into Ankoma life, you’ll be sure to come up with some ideas yourself!


You will need to book your flights into Accra Airport, flights can fluctuate in price so be sure to shop around to find the best deal. If you need any assistance when searching for flights please contact one of our team who will be happy to help you. Once you have booked your flights, please send a copy over to so we can organise your airport pick-up.

Airport Pick-up.

As you are landing into Ghana you may have to fill out some information forms, please ensure you have access to this Information Pack. Once landing, you will go through passport contril and have your Visa stamped, you will collect your bags and then either Craig or Asha will be at Accra airport to meet you and welcome you to Ghana – so after landing there is nothing to worry about!

The airport pick-up fee is £60. This will take you from Accra airport to Ankoma, around a 5 hour journey. You may wish to add this to your spending budget for your return journey, some people wish to take a private taxi, and others wish to use public transport which may be a little cheaper.


It is essential that you take out adequate insurance for your stay in Ghana, you can compare prices online, or visit your local travel agent for some advice. Please ensure you bring a copy of your policy with you.

Vaccinations and Medication.

There are several vaccinations you will need before traveling to Ghana; ensure you visit your local GP or travel clinic for advice to find out exactly what they suggest you have. It is essential that you have a Yellow Fever certificate, you will not be allowed into Ghana without this.


Payments for your accommodation and airport pick-up should be made no later than 6 weeks before your arrival. You can secure your volunteering place by paying a £60 non-refundable deposit, and identifying your proposed dates, this will cover the first 2 weeks of your stay.

Payments should be made to: 
Ankoma Outreach 
Barclays Bank